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2 Tips to Build Up Confidence to Talk to a Girl

Confidence is probably the most important thing when it comes to meeting a girl. Confidence is the reflection of what you have. For instance, let's consider the following example: a dealer who is attempting to sell a product or a service. If he is confident, the customer is going to think straight away that the product or the service he is selling is good. If not, the customer will think that the product or service is not good. It is as simple as this. Furthermore, girls feel the confidence the same way dogs feel fear. That's why you must be able to find a way to build up enough confidence.

Here are two tips to build up confidence to talk to a girl

Be Your Self

2 Tips to Build Up Confidence to Talk to a GirlMost people build their confidence through the goals they have achieved in life. You don't have to be an actor, a millionaire, or a professional footballer to be confident. In fact, you will always find someone richer, more beautiful, with a nicer girlfriend, and so on, than you. Success is not about comparing yourself to anyone else, instead, it is all about exceeding your own limits and everyone has different limits. The day you feel you have exceeded your own limits, you will have succeeded in life. You must be able to establish what your own limits are and try as much as you can to exceed them. By exceeding them, you will be satisfied in yourself, which will bring you a lot of confidence.

Try And Try Again

Another way of building confidence is to try. Indeed, most successful people always say that they tried so many times before managing to succeed at something. It is the same with girls. For instance, when you get in the club, try to speak to a girl who doesn't look very nice so it is easier from a confidence point of view to start the conversation with her, even if she is not the one you want to be with. I always do that. By speaking to a girl, you are going to get confidence. Then, try to speak to another girl. That's going to bring you more confidence. After that, you will feel so confident that you will be able speak to any girl easily. I started to go out and meet girls when I was 14 years old. I haven't stopped doing it since for the simple reason that it is my passion. I guess I am quite good at it now because every time you try something, you learn from the previous experience and you become better and better with time, which brings you more confidence, and therefore, you become more efficient at having girls.

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To conclude, whatever you are going to say to the girl, no matter how you look, if you are a confident person, she is going to feel it and it is going to significantly increase your chances of succeeding.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Dating

Top 10 Tips for Successful Dating
When you start dating, following a few rules will help you to be successful and hopefully go on to meet that special person who will become part of your life.

Dating is not easy - first dates are awkward, second dates are expectant and subsequent ones, when two people are really getting to know each other, present hundreds of opportunities to blow it by making mistakes and blunders.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for Successful Dating

1. Do make an effort to look your best and be punctual
Being late or looking untidy gives the impression that you don't care - if that's the case, why bother to meet this person in the first place?

2. Do try to enjoy yourself when out on a date
You may feel a little apprehensive and nervous, but it is likely your date will feel the same, so try not to let those feelings spoil your time together. Remember, it is supposed to be fun and not too serious.

3. Do pay your date a compliment
Most men and women make a lot of effort into getting ready for a date, so it is nice and flattering to know that all that effort has paid off.

4. Do try and be interested and interesting
Ask your date questions about themselves, share insights and make sure that you pay attention when your date is telling you something.

5. Do date only people that you are interested in
Try not be influenced by what your friends think.

6. Do be honest with your date if you are not interested in seeing them again
Stringing them along just because you are too scared to let them down is very unfair and will become more difficult the longer you let it go on.

7. Do be proactive about finding people to date
Your ideal partner is not going to come knocking at your door, so you need to get out and about and meet as many people as you can. Successful dating requires action.

8. Do stay positive even when things don't go well
Every date will not be a success, you will quite likely have to date a few frogs before you find prince.

9. Do plan ahead
Dating requires concentration and energy, so make sure you have given yourself enough time to be properly prepared and let your date know that you have put some thought into the meeting.

10. Do surround yourself with positive people
Dating is fun and it is good to have someone to share your experiences with and laugh or cry with.

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If you follow My Top 10 Tips For Successful Dating, then before too long you will achieve dating success. You may have some disappointments along he way, but if you handle yourself properly there is a very good chance that things will work out for you in the end.

10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew
Men have for long been belittled by the fairer love and have been quoted as being everything ranging from egotistical, stubborn and lacking in emotion. For the ladies out there, however, it may come to you as a surprise, or even a shock, that there is much more behind a man and there is much that your man might wish you could know better about him.

Yes, it is true that it might be quite a challenge for women to understand men. However, once you get to know a few of the "basics", it becomes much easier to understand a man. Well, there are some things that guys wish girls knew, and a few of these are listed below. Knowing these things and understanding them can go a long way in understanding a guy and building a better relationship with your man.

Things That Girls Should Know About Guys

  1. Guys are more emotional than they appear to be. If they ever loved you at any point of time, it will take them much longer to let go of you than you think, and it hurts them immensely each moment that they try
  2. Guys love to make their women happy. At times they just don't know how to do it
  3. No matter how many women a guy flirts with all day, he will always think about the girl he truly cares about before he falls asleep
  4. Be specific. Guys are not mind readers nor do they "read between the lines". If you want a guy to know something, say it
  5. Guys do not like to be used as tools to make others jealous
  6. Guys hate it when girls smoke, especially if the girl in question means a lot to him
  7. Guys love girls who work out
  8. Guys love you more than you think they do

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Whether you believe it or not, most times that guys hurt you, they honestly don't mean to hurt you
A guy has feelings too. Just because he "appears" to be unresponsive to things that might